Tina Omerzo: voice, piano, keyboards
Edmondo Romano: soprano sax, clarinets, chalumeau, fluier
Luca Falomi: classical, baritone,  12 strings and electric guitars,  bass


Max Trabucco: drums, percussions
Alessandro Turchet: double bass


  • Title: SIFR
  • Label: Felmay Records
  • Production: Pivio e Aldo De Scalzi
  • Catalogue: fy 8289
  • Barcode: 885016828929
  • Country Italia/Balcani
  • Genre World Music / Jazz
  • Store:


  1. Nihavend longa 05.27
  2. Brala Jana kapini 06.01
  3. La tredicesima ora 07.59
  4. Misel vode 06.38
  5. Kukuk kus 03.38
  6. Fondaco 07.34
  7. Taksim 07.28
  8. Jovano Jovanke 07.15


“Sifr” is an Arabic word meaning “zero” or “empty”.

This word was translated by the Latins by assonance, in “Zephirum” (Zephyr), a figure of Greek mythology who personified the west wind that blows almost inadvertently. The word “cipher” also comes from the same term. Sifr is therefore nothingness, emptiness, zero, but also a nothingness that takes shape and dimension and becomes a number in turn.  This new record creates a cultural bridge between the West, the Middle East and Eastern Europe and moves musically like a wind that brings with it traditional melodies and original songs imbued with different cultures. A music made of sounds and silences, of solids and voids that flow naturally between composition and improvisation thanks to the synergy and interplay of the three artists and their guests. Jazz and world music meet, intertwine and redefine each other in a musical syncretism that becomes a new language: that of Motus Laevus.


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